The Specialty of General Surgery and the Definition of a General Surgeon

The General Surgeon Specialist is . . .

A specialist specifically trained and qualified to provide surgical care of the whole patient. The General Surgeon Specialist has expertise in the evaluation and comprehensive treatment Of patients with injuries and illnesses involving a wide range of systems and anatomical regions.

The General Surgeon Specialist, by training, interest, and professional ethics, is dedicated to the total care of the surgical patient and to coordination of the whole episode of care, consulting with other specialists when appropriate.

The General Surgeon Specialist’s areas of major responsibility include comprehensive surgical care of:

• The alimentary tract
• The abdomen and its contents, including the pelvis
• The breast
• The skin, soft tissue and musculoskeletal system
• The chest
• The head and neck
• The vascular system
• The endocrine system
• Oncology
• Trauma
• Critically ill patients.

The General Surgeon Specialist coordinates the patient’s surgical care with emphasis on quality, access, and cost-effectiveness.

ASGS Board of Trustees
Approved April 29, 1995