Corporate Giving

ASGS Corporate Relations Committee
Information and Policy Guide

“A Partnership for Advancing General Surgery Education,
Surgical Services and Patient Care”

Purposes, Benefits, Membership Requirements and Special Recognition Honors

I. ASGS Mission
Members of the Corporate Relations Committee of the American Society of General Surgeons are committed to the goals embodied in the following policy declaration:

American Society of General Surgeons

Mission Statement
The ASGS represents the socioeconomic, political, scientific, ethical, and professional interests of General Surgeon Specialists. The ASGS is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of practice for the Specialty of General Surgery, and the highest quality of care for patients.

ASGS Vision
The ASGS is an independent, national, democratic organization composed of highly qualified General Surgeon Specialists and sub-specialists who perform General Surgery.

ASGS Goals
The ASGS seeks to serve as a knowledgeable and respected advocate for General Surgeon Specialists,
and also seeks to enhance General Surgery as a specialty.

ASGS Strategies
The ASGS will constantly provide a forum for the discussion of issues relative to the specialty of General Surgery, and will communicate effectively with our members and other organizations with similar professional interests.

The ASGS will also communicate and negotiate with federal and state governments, and other organizations or individuals with interests impacting on the practice of General Surgeon Specialists and their patients.

The Corporate Relations Committee is a cooperative effort between General Surgeon Specialists and industry to help ASGS meet and strengthen this mission. A commitment of reciprocal ASGS support for appropriate corporate initiatives underpins this cooperative partnership.

II. Benefits of Membership
The American Society of General Surgeons offers an interactive working relationship with member companies of the Corporate Relations Committee. The Committee offers regular opportunities to discuss patient, physician and product issues within a close and confidential framework. Open discussion and exchange of ideas and information is encouraged. Representatives of the Corporate Relations Committee will have access to ASGS Officers and staff on a personal basis. Committee membership also offers members an opportunity to meet and confer with their peers from other member corporations.

III. Other Benefits
• Membership Directory on-line (limits on use)

• Corporate Membership listing on ASGS website

• Invitation to ASGS annual business luncheon

• Use of ASGS Corporate Member Emblem (upon request and approval)

• Program and Annual Meeting acknowledgement of Corporate Relations Membership and Support

• Corporate Profile on ASGS website with hyperlink to company homepage

• First Opportunity to partner with ASGS on high profile ASGS activities

IV. Membership Levels

Basic Membership
Corporations with products and services related to the Specialty of General Surgery may join the ASGS Corporate Relations Committee with a commitment of an unrestricted educational grant of $10,000 per year. The cost of any in-kind corporate services rendered to ASGS will be considered for achievement of basic membership. The cost of these services provided by a company that has already committed to basic membership, or membership at a higher level, will be added to the cost of its annual membership level and, if combined costs are equal to a higher level, will qualify the company for the appropriate upgraded level of membership.

Bronze Membership
This membership level is predicated on gifts of $25,000 or more per year and offers the above benefits plus:

• ASGS endorsement declaration

• Events with ASGS leadership

Silver Membership
Gifts of $50,000 or more and offers the above benefits plus:

• Priority on booth placement at ASGS meetings

• Corporate logo listing on all ASGS Surgfax mailings to membership

Gold Membership
Gold Level Membership is predicated on gifts of $75,000 or more and offers the above benefits plus:

• Invitation to Executive Roundtables

• Participation in cooperative programs

Platinum Membership
Platinum Level Membership is predicated on gifts of $100,000 or more and offers the full range of benefits provided at each level.

V. Governance
A chair elected for a one-year term by all the members in good standing represents the corporate members. He/she has a formal liaison relationship with the Board of Directors and reports to the Board on meetings throughout the year on issues of mutual interest between industry and ASGS. Any member may nominate themself or others, and will be selected by majority rule via printed ballot.

VI. Membership Requirements
• Members of the Corporate Relations Committee are asked to send representatives to at least one of two meetings of the Committee held during the year.

• Members of the Corporate Relations Committee are asked to submit annually a list of General Surgery products or services that are marketed by the corporation.

• Members of the Corporate Relations Committee who no longer wish to remain active must give notice of membership termination at least 60 days prior to January 1 of each year so that the ASGS budget for the ensuing year reflects appropriate expenditures.